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THE PREDATOR teaser trailer is here! The Ugly Muthafucka is Back!

Hey folks... the teaser for Shane Black's THE PREDATOR is here:
Rory McKenna, played by Jacob Tremlay (WONDER) starts us out by opening a package he shouldn't have opened and playing with a remote spacecraft piloting device. Outside of ALIEN VS. PREDATOR and the associated video games, this is one of the best views of the outside of a Predator ship we've had.
The character we get the most info on is Olivia Munn's Casey Bracket. She gives us a brief snippet of the plot: the Predators/Yautja are trying to hibernate and have been traveling planet-to-planet, gearing up for... something big, presumably; she is a part of a research team, possibly the one Peter Keyes (Gary Busey in PREDATOR 2) was a part of, trying to capture a live Predator and study their technology. 
We also get a great deal of Boyd Holbrook (LOGAN) looking pretty smug as he's being interrogated. We briefly see Keegan-Michael Key and Thomas Jane as their bus comes under attack.
No sign of Jake Busey yet as Peter Keyes' son. So far, we have only brief glimpses of the characters and a flurry of close-quarters action. 
-- Precious Roy
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