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Dark Helmet on "The Goldbergs"!



Hey, folks: Rick Moranis is making a rare professional appearance on tomorrow night's episode of "The Goldbergs".

Moranis will be providing the voice of Dark Helmet again for a dream sequence. "The Goldbergs" collects a lot of 80's love, and showrunner Adam Goldberg is a big SPACEBALLS fan. 

Moranis has rarely been seen in character since he toned down his career to focus on his family. He is not entirely retired from acting and professional work, but is very picky about the projects he selects. Which makes Wednesday night's "The Goldbergs" appearance a rare coup for the show.

Read about it all from SYFY

And catch the episode in question Wednesday, May 9th, at 8 Eastern.

-- Precious Roy

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