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FRANK N. STEIN: PRIVATE EYE By Keith Champagne and Dev Madan

 Hello all, Mad Dashiell here and thanks for joining us today. Today we have Frank N. Stein, P.I. under the searchlights as this heap of corpses follows leads down the streets of Monstertown, one case at a time, By Keith Champagne and Dev Madan. Their Kickstarter has already reached its goal so stop backing away at the word Kickstarter... It is still in the running for the stretch goal if you are interested right now. Check out their Kickstarter page for tons of cool project related art and info here- FRANK N. STEIN: PRIVATE EYE

  Keith Champagne is a writer and inker spanning the comics universe from “WWE” to “Green Lantern” to “Superman.” Dev Madan is new on my radar but he certainly made up for lost time with just a glance at his work. I kinda get an old E.C. meets Eisner vibe at a glance. Madan and Champagne have worked together before in the 90’s on the cult classic Young Heroes In Love by DC. The two became friends over the years and continued working together after the book's conclusion. Madan continued on into the video game industry and the two again collaborated there while always kicking around the idea of teaming up again for a comic and what started as a vauge idea has taken on its twisted form in a place where all the fictional characters in the world exist. 

"Frankie is a shambling amalgam of body parts, street smarts, and a broken heart. Although spliced together in a lab, Frankie is somehow more human than most of us could ever be. He's got the face of a monster, the brain of a detective and the soul of a poet."

Heres a glance at a comic page- "The Strange Visitor" 

And here we have my favorite- "THE SAILOR MAN. On a cold, rainy night in MonsterTown, Frankie encounters a mythical sailor with a fondness for Spinach."

-Dev Madan's site, Take a glance at his work here-

-In addition to stories, the team also has pin-ups (see below) by Dev and Keith and other special guest stars! \

-If your working on a Kickstarter comic project hit me up on Twitter. Thanks for joining me today, Mad Dashiell signing off. 

 Art Credit: Dulce Brassea

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