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VENOM leaked trailer, now released-- peek it whilst you still can!!!

Looks like someone's leaked the VENOM trailer onto the Interwebz tonight. A few of us at AICN were kicking around a still image of it. I laughed and called it Marmaduke. And then I saw the full video. 

Now that Sony has released it, we can link  it for ya, but... well, try searching for it, if you're keen to see it ahead of schedule. The video itself sets up the concept: Eddie's is a reporter, and his girlfriend works for a company researching illegal biotech, run by a Mr. Drake. When Eddie pokes around a little too hard into some vulnerable test subjects that have died in the company's experiments, he's got a target on his back. When Drake's men come looking for Eddie, he's already made a connection with the symbiote, and the two begin working together on their mutual problem. Eddie tries to bring a conscience to proceedings, and we hear the symbiote make his part of the negotiation. And then, Venom introduces himself to one of the bad guys.
It's known that I have been a holdout on VENOM. I hate the idea of Marvel characters existing outside of the MCU, especially important ones with no connection to their source (Peter Parker/Spider-Man). But this looks like something I'd like to see. I can only cling to the desperate hope that Venom's face is unfinished CGI work. But the bits with the Symbiote having words with Eddie have me... interested. We'll see what develops down the road!
-- Precious Roy
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