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BLACK gets developed - what if only Black people got super powers?!?

Hey Everyone Freddy Beans here,

With some news from DEADLINE on the comic BLACK below.


Studio 8 has hired Seith Mann to adapt the BLACK comic series into a workable TV series.  I’m assuming TV series, as I don’t think Seith Mann has done a feature length project, but I could be wrong, as this is hot off the presses today.

So what is BLACK?

The basic idea is a future where super powers start occurring in the general populous.  The superpowers are only affecting the African American population however.  
From what I’ve read (issue #1 only, about 10 minutes ago) it’s a black and white comic, well drawn and with a desire to do more than tell a simple back story for a protagonist.  The first comic alone three innocent black teenagers are shot by the police in a tense and misunderstood standoff.  
Pretty poignant in today’s world don’t you think?  
Yet one of those teenagers comes to life in the ambulance surprised and unhurt.  Fearful, he escapes and is found by a leader of “The Project” (think Nick Fury) a group dedicated to protecting the new superheroes from being exploited or experimented on by whom else, but the government.

I screen shot my favorite scene in the first comic below.  I know I’m probably wrong but that lady on the right sure looks white to my old eyes. 

Here’s a link to the first comic if this article grabbed you and you don’t know the source material.

I can see where this idea is choked out of existence due to the current political climate and never sees the light of day.
I can just as easily see this becoming a huge success on the small screen.  The Robin to BLACK PANTHER’s Batman.  

Anyone else interested in checking this one out?

Til next time Kids

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