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Aliens Dead Orbit trade comic recently released



Hello All, Mad Dashiell here and thank you for joining me. Ok, let's talk comics today. To all of you that refused to wait for this trade to come in the mail and instead bought each individual comic at your local comic retailer as it was released, I salute you. If you are the thrifty comic collector these days with a saturated market of cool rabbit holes to navigate comic-wise, then listen up. I'm talking about ALIENS: DEAD ORBIT, the trade was just released and I put it in my pile of comics to read... Right at the top that is. 

  The ALIENS: DEAD ORBIT comic looks like an Alien Queen laid its eggs in Jeff Darrow(SHAOLIN COWBOY, HARD BOILED) and out bursted in all its monstrous mechanical detailed and gory glory, James Stokoe the person responsible for the story, art, and lettering. My helmets off to him.

This comic gives a fresh spin on something we have known and loved for decades now. Yes, the singles may be old news, but for the trade collectors, do yourself a favor, set your controls for your local comic shop and get this book as soon as you can. 

Thanks for joining me today, Mad Dashiell signing off. 

 Art Credit:  Dulce Brassea

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