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Going back into the DANGER Z--...ISLAND! ARCHER Returns!

Evening, geeks.

ARCHER returns next week with Season 9! This time the show reinvents itself as ARCHER: DANGER ISLAND! The new season will be taking place in a tropical island paradise, the South Pacific island of Mitimotu in 1939. Check out the first look plus trailer!


In season 9, there will be only eight episodes! Such a shame, most other seasons had at least thirteen. Season 10 has already been ordered, and that too will have only eight episodes.

Will this season still be a coma dream of Archer’s? The end of the previous season hinted that the whole classic detective story was all in Archer’s head, but left it unclear toward the finale. Perhaps we will get some more answers in the new season!

And holy heck, I can’t believe there are a whole nine seasons already. I’ve been following since 2012, how time flies! Though I do recall thoroughly enjoying FRISKY DINGO in the late 00s only to find that ARCHER was the exact same show about a wealthy black haired blue eyed man that happened to have Coach Mcguirk’s voice this time around. It’s no surprise since Adam Reed and Matt Thompson were the creators of both shows. FRISKY DINGO is extremely underrated, in my opinion! If you’re a fan of ARCHER, and haven’t seen the other, you should give it a watch to see basically an earlier version of Archer that went even further off the rails.

ARCHER: DANGER ISLAND aka Season 9 will premier 10pm Wednesday, April 25th on FXX.

~Big Eyes


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