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You've heard of Comic Con, Wonder Con -even a Dragon Con - this is SUPERCON!

Hey folks, here's two trailers for SUPERCON, a goofy heist-at-a-comicon starring Ryan Kwanten, Maggie Grace, John Malkovich, Mike Epps, Clancy Brown, Brooks Braselman, and Russell Peters.
The set-up for the first trailer is pretty simple: a down-on-his-luck child actor, Matt (Kwanten), is doing conventions to survive, when he and his closest con friends get banned from the convention by Adam King (Clancy), it's high-priced-ticket draw, leading Matt into a half-baked idea to enlist his con buddies to steal back their own from Supercon's crooked promoter (Epps) and King.

If you carry on to the Red Band trailer and you'll be treated to a little bit more, including some sexy-time, some slapstick violence, and a very vivid scat Wilhelm.

There's a FANBOYS meets MALLRATS meets KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM vibe to these trailers. I confess that I love John Malkovich in goofy things, like RED, and I love Clancy Brown playing a comedy villain... intrigued to see him play a Shatner-sized villain. Whilst seeing Malkovich and Brown face off in a movie of this scope interests me, I've been burned before with BADASSDOM. Here's hopin'.
-- Precious Roy
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