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Roy says THE BARGE PEOPLE trailer looks like VHS horror films from the eighties!


Hi folks, Precious Roy here with a trailer for THE BARGE PEOPLE. Written by newcomer  Christopher Lombard and directed by Charlie Steeds (ESCAPE FROM CANNIBAL FARM), it's a horror story set on the canals in the English countryside.

For those not familiar with them, barges are thin canal boats that people can live on-- sort of like floating mobile homes. Young folk in the U.K. sometimes rent them for weekend getaways. (I've yet to hear anyone having the time they thought they would have, renting one, though.) In this trailer, it looks like Mark and Kat have invited their friends along for a weekend on the canal, when they encounter something... odd. Something that wants to eat them alive.
I can't help but think of films like THE FUNHOUSE and other creature-features from the eighties, looking at this trailer, which is precisely what the production seems to be aiming for with the titles... so, kudos!
-- Precious Roy
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