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From The Writer Of MAN OF STEEL!! What Make The Critics Of Syfy’s SUPERMAN Prequel KRYPTON??

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The latest from writer-producer David Goyer (“Man of Steel,” NBC’s “Constantine”), “Krypton” looks at what Superman’s grandpapa was up to as a young man on Kal-El’s yet-to-explode home planet.

Entertainment Weekly says:

C-minus … just seems boring and a little cheesy. …

Forbes says:

... it’s hard to pin down who exactly this show is for. Is it for Superman fans? Because they aren’t getting any Superman. Is it for DC fans? Because they have much better offerings on The CW. …

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says:

... a Superdud … Ultimately, dull, dreary “Krypton” does feel like a waste of time. …

The San Francisco Chronicle says:

... very slow moving … the cast is appealing, especially Cuffe, who seems to have limited acting skills but exudes a magnetic, star-in-the-making presence.

The Salt Lake Tribune says:

... The first five episodes are grim, dark, great to look at and not overly engaging. It’s not a bad show, but “Krypton” doesn’t exactly blow us away. …

CNN says:

... "Krypton" is good, not super. Yet based on first impressions, that "S"-like symbol could just as easily stand for "surprising" and "satisfying."…

The Hollywood Reporter says:

... feels like a lifeless mess not even committed to the idea of making something glossy and brainless but fun …

10 p.m. Wednesday. Syfy.

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