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SICARIO 2 trailer: now with plot!

     When it arrived, the first trailer for SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO looked pretty bad-ass. The first 30 seconds of this new trailer are largely made up of the elements that made the first one so good: Del Toro being cool, brutal and unforgiving, and Josh Brolin being a hipster DEA death dealer who emowers him. No Emily Blunt to throw water on the mayhem Brolin and Del Toro are planning. But that trailer did nothing to explain what kind of story this sequel would be-- it just reminded us of why we liked the first one.

      This second trailer reveals a bit more about the plot: Alejandro gets the daughter of one of his cartel targets involved (Isabela Moner), and when the operation is compromised, Graver tells Alejandro to silence the daughter, permanently. An ethical line is crossed that puts Alejandro at odds with Graver and the U.S. Government, with a young woman's life in the balance.
      Seeing Moner in those car scenes definitely conjured up images of Emily Blunt in the first film, tense and woefully unprepared for the battle to come. Hope this is as good as the original.
-- Precious Roy
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