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Filming in April 2019!

Morning, geeks!

You all remember in KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL how Indiana Jones survived the nuclear blast of an atom bomb by hiding inside of a lead-lined refrigerator, and how little sense that made? Well, to keep the tradition of nonsensicality in the Indy series, a fifth movie is about to begin filming!



Don’t get me wrong, you guys. I loved the original first three films.

Spielberg and Harrison Ford will be teaming up again for this new film, as of course Ford reprises his role as Indiana Jones. The release date is set for July 20th, 2020. 2020 is looking like a great year for film and animation, can’t wait!

There was some talk at some point about Chris Pratt taking on the role of Indy in a reboot, which I was perfectly okay with, but it doesn’t look like it’s happening anymore.

But oh, according to, Bob Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lucasfilm’s parent company Disney, promises that this won’t be the last installment of Indiana Jones. For real, though? I remember a time when everyone could say there are enough films of this thing, and there don’t need to be anymore or else it’ll just kind of cheapen what made the original movies great. The shitty thing, though? We all know we’re going to see it due to the nostalgia we have for the originals, and expect the new ones to not be good because “nothing is ever as good as you remember it”.

Eh, whatever. Here’s a shot of the easter egg from Fallout: New Vegas where they hid a skeleton with a fedora in a fridge. Wonder who it’s supposed to be?!

~Big Eyes


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