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Pakistan Has An Anime! THE GLASSWORKER

Animation is on the rise in the Middle East! Earlier this year we got the beautifully CG animated BILAL that came out of Dubai. Now, we have a very Ghibli inspired anime to come out of Pakistan of all places, and it looks great! However, it’s still in production.

Mano Studios has been getting their funding from Kickstarter since 2016, and building on the movie as the funds come in. I’m very excited to see the completed film. Currently, they’ve hit a stretch goal of only $115k, and have managed to complete so much! Currently, over half of the full film is completed.

The prelude to THE GLASSWORKER, which is the the first ever hand-drawn animated short film in Pakistan’s history, and is already available for viewing on YouTube! Check it out!


The full film will take a few years to complete, according to the Kickstarter, which was last updated in mid-February. Mano is still taking funding on Kickstarter to finish the film.

In case you were wondering how so much has been done on such a small budget, according to, minimum wage equates only $150 per month in Pakistan!

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one!

~Big Eyes

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