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All About POPE FRANCIS in This Documentary Trailer

Being released in May is the documentary POPE FRANCIS - A MAN OF HIS WORD, by Focus Features. I’m not very religious, but I have only noted good things about the current pope, and I’m interested in learning more about him.

This documentary is not so much of a biography as it is a documentation of his personal journey as the pope. “The pope’s ideas and his message are central to this documentary, which sets out to present his work of reform and his answers to today’s global questions.  From his deep concern for the poor and wealth inequality, to his involvement in environmental issues and social justice, Pope Francis engages the audience face-to-face and calls for peace.”

This documentary is directed by Wem Wenders (BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB).

Check out the trailer!


POPE FRANCIS - A MAN OF HIS WORD will be in theaters May 18th.

~Big Eyes


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