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Fantasy and Sci-Fi mashup in Betrothed!

Comics Chad here with a peek at an interesting new series from AfterShock comics, Betrothed, and after the first issue I'm ready for more! Betrothed reminds me of my high school romances, the standard Boy Meets Girl, Girl punches out Boy, Boy and Girl make out sloppily in the hallway. Oh, that's probably not normal for most people? I guess that's just part of the appeal.

Betrothed follows the story of Kieron and Tamara, both High School seniors, orphans and, unbeknownst to them, leaders of interdimensional armies. Kieron is the heir to the Priam tribe, a shamanistic society using sword and sorcery to defend their world from the invasion of the Nuam, a technologically advanced nation of which Tamara is the next queen. These two teenagers are destined to either wed and unite their nations or lead their armies in bloody warfare.  It's like Escaflowne and Kill La Kill combined to bring in lovers of fantasy and sci-fi.

Betrothed is written by Sean Lewis, who is most well-known for The Few, a post-apocalyptic character driven story, and is illustrated by Steve Uy who has worked on several notable Image and Marvel series such as Avengers: The Initiative. Lewis's writing is mostly solid, though it hits a few rough patches in the Romeo and Juliet comparisons, but Uy's art is fantastic, especially the panels where Kieron and Tamara travel across dimensions.

Betrothed issue #1 hits shelves on March 14th and I already can't wait for the second issue. Pick up a copy and let me know if you agree.

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