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Pouches and shoulder pads for everyone! Rob Liefeld teams up with Netflix!

Wheels here with your bit of WTF for today,
Per Deadline, Netflix has entered into a seven figure deal with polarizing comic book creator Rob Liefeld. Liefeld is most well known for being the creator of Marvel's Deadpool and Cable (kind of, This link goes into detail about who's mostly responsible for the characters), ( ). With the recent explosion of popularity for Deadpool and the impending appearance of Cable for the first time in live action this summer, Netflix is eager to be in the Rob Liefeld business...
... I guess nobody at Netflix actually reads comics. It's the only explanation I can think of for this truly baffling deal that gives Netflix access to around thirty characters from Liefeld's "Extreme Universe" for various live action films. These characters include such all-time fan favorites as: Brigade, Kaboom, Bloodstrike, and Bloodwulf. (Seriously?!... Bloodwulf. ugh.).
It gets better though folks! Everyone's favorite scriptwriter is heading up the writer's room on this project; Akiva Goldsman (BATMAN AND ROBIN)!
Here is a quote from, Netflix feature film chief, Scott Stuber:
Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe features gritty stories and distinctive characters ... Akiva’s creative voice has been behind some of the largest movie franchises, making him uniquely capable of helping bring these superheroes from the Extreme Universe to life for Netflix.
Sure, why not? 
I feel sorry for all the poor costume people who are going to spend months creating thousands of tiny pouches and hundreds of comically large shoulder pads for the actors that get duped into being in these things.
Read more about this strange turn of turn of events here ( )
For those of you unfamiliar with Liefeld's work as a comics creator, allow me to point you here for future reading. ( )

Wheels out!
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