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INFINITY TRAIN is Getting a Full Season!

Heya geeks. INFINITY TRAIN was a mini pilot that Cartoon Network aired last year with a number of other pilots. INFINITY TRAIN was the one that stood above the rest with great success. The show’s creator Owen Dennis is already known for his work on REGULAR SHOW.

It’s a story about an intelligent girl named Tulip who has found herself on the Infinity Train, a literal train of infinite cars, each holding different puzzles and worlds of their own. Some are grand and massive, such as the Corgi utopia, others are small and barren, like the fart car. A mysterious number 53 glows on Tulip’s hand, she has no idea what it is for. She’s accompanied by two robots that have opposing personalities, called Glad-One and Sad-One. Check out the rad pilot here:

INFINITY TRAIN was greenlit by Cartoon Network along with several others, including VICTOR AND VALENTINO, and SUMMER CAMP ISLAND.

I’m super excited about INFINITY TRAIN,  and I can’t wait to see where the story goes. INFINITY TRAIN is expected to come out in November later this year!

~Big Eyes

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