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‘Patsy's Kinda Mean!!’
Hercules Has Seen The First Five JESSICA JONES Episodes Since 2015!

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Jessica Jones 2.1 FAQ

What’s it called?
“AKA Start at the Beginning.”

Who’s responsible?
Teleplay is credited to series mastermind Melissa Rosenberg.

What says Netflix?
"While Jessica deals with a rival PI and a paranoid would-be client, Trish digs up a medical file that could unlock the mystery of Jessica's powers."

How does it start?
“You can get anything delivered in New York City.”

If Jessica snapped Kilgrave’s neck last season, how is David Tennant still on this show? Did somebody toss him into that Lazarus Pit thing that brought back Elektra?
Tennant is not in the opening credits. And he does not appear in this season’s first five episodes. But there is photographic evidence that he turns up later this season.

Is Luke Cage back?
Not in the first five episodes.

What about night nurse Claire Temple?

Does anyone from the Greater Marvel Cinematic Universe turn up? Thor? Drax? Hulk?
Foggy Nelson turns up for a few minutes in episode three.

The big news?
Jessica is looking into IGH, the shadowy organization that looked after her subsequent to the accident that turned her into a supergirl.

What else is Netflix not telling us?
There’s a fellow named Pryce Cheng who wants to buy Jessica’s Alias Investigations.

What’s good?
The pizzeria scene. “Patsy’s kinda mean!” “How rapey of you.” “I think they’ve made something worse.” Krysten Ritter.

What’s not so good?
I really miss Kilgrave and Luke Cage. And the writers may have hugely overestimated how interested we are in Jeri Hogarth’s struggle to keep her law partners at bay -- and sister Trish Walker’s drama with her mom and boyfriend.

How does it end, spoiler boy?
“The only way to find it is to open the door wider.”

11:59 p.m. Wednesday. Netflix.

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