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When Bed Bugs Attack! APARTMENT 212 Trailer

Hey heyyyyy, Horror nerds. Dead Guy here, and this time its for Apartment 212!


The first thing that is immediately recognizable from this trailer is Kyle Gass aka KG aka Rage Cage of Tenacious D fame. So that should immediately cue in some feels for die hard fans of the D.

This looks to be a throwback to your classic 80s creature feature films about giant bugs. And don’t we all miss those? Being that this is a horror comedy, most of the enjoyability will probably rely on laughs and gross outs as opposed to legitmate scares. Which is fine. Horror-coms tend to attract the most die hard of fans from sheer fun alone. Though from the looks of it, the film will contain a few jump scares if that’s your thing. (I can’t stand them)

This is the 3rd time for Haylar Garcia to helm the directorial chair. This being his second dive into the horror genre. Penelope Mitchell takes the lead role as Jennifer, a fresh faced girl making her move to the big city. Though her face doesn’t stay fresh for long, as she starts showing more and more wear and tear from these pesky insects that chew on her throughout her night’s sleep.

Kyle Gass plays the naïve but friendly neighbor that only wants to help. Hopefully he can make it out of the film alive and continue to rock faces as the second half of the D. As the trailer progresses, we see a few flashes of these giant ugly bed bugs, looking somewhat like the Crites from the Critters films. Maybe if we are lucky they will all form together in the end and create a giant bed bug that rolls over unsuspecting victims. (I love the Critters films)

Either way, if horror comedy is your thing, this looks like it could be a fun ride. I wouldn’t expect too many scares as even the trailer plays the goofy rock n roll riff half way through to signal that this is probably more about the laughs than anything else. Apartment 212 will be available on March 16th. Pre-order is currently available on Itunes. If movies like Slither, the Ruins or even Night of the Creeps is your thing, I’d say go for it. What have you to lose, friend?

_Dead Guy

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