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Oscar Coverage!! Updated as envelopes Opened!

Hola Dannie aqui,

I am sitting waiting for Oscar's ceremony to begin I will be updating as the envelopes open, and giving my candid opinion! I am hoping for "The Shape Of Water" rakes in as many as possible! I will be updating as things rollout! So far it is definitely a fashion show as always! 

Be back soon!

The opening so far is a beautiful commentary about equal rights, and the right to everyone to feel safe and supported. 



Helen Mirren Price is Right piece is beyond cool!!


Best  Actor in a Supporting Role: Winner is... Sam Rockwell won, and was humble and had a beautiful love song to the cinema in response to his win! Honestly wanted Plummer to win for pulling a magnificent performance in such little time, also I was hoping for Defoe because his performance in "The Florida Project" was amazing as all his performances are. I too was, of course, hoping for "The Shape Of Water" to sweep all else... Please, Sci-Fi Gods be with us!


Best Makeup: Goes to "Darkest Hour" Great Film, deserved! 


Eva Marie AMAZING emotional human and older than the Academy- A friend of "Fred Hitchcock" introduces best costume design and it goes to:  Mark Bridges "Phantom Thread" they did an exquisite job!


Next up is Best Documentary Feature: Icarus

Best song- first performance Mary J. Blige Powerful as always, Mary J. has the raspy love and soul in her voice it is hard not to be moved. However, I do have a couple songs I do like more for the Nom.

"Movies are a machine that creates empathy" 

Wow.. that montage was very cool.

Best Sound editing: Dunkirk... Total let down "Baby Driver" was my pick


Best Sound Mixing: Fuck you again Dunkirk won... Baby Driver should have in my humble opinion


Brief "comic" break ---

Dreamers dreams are beautiful. 

 Best Production Design: The Shape of Water!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!! This movie warmed my heart in so many ways! Yay! Monster Movie Win!! Happy dancing!  Best original song: "Remember Me" Recuerdas a Mi- So far the best performance beautifully captured, so far...



Nominees for the best Foreign film- and the winner is- "A Fantastic Woman!" My choice for the win, however, I hoped The Square would win if you have not seen it, you should. It is captivating.


Best  Performance by a Supporting Actress: And the winner is.................................. Allision Janney but of course

 Mark Hamill and BB8!-- Read the Oscar for the best short animated film: Disney great gets an Oscar for "Dear Basketball."

Best Animated Feature: "CoCo" 

Que Verdad. 

I loved that speech.

The 3rd nominated song is for "CALL BE BY YOUR NAME" very beautiful song, reminds me of Elliot Smith, another winner prior

 I HATE COMMERCIALS.............


Best Visual Effects- Blade Runner 2049 ugg.... good for them but also no, no, y no. Really... Really the best,?


Best film editing.... Fucking Dunkirk again..... Dannie is Angry "BABY DRIVER" should've won.

 Vivo Los Memo's!!!

 Wonder Woman is wading through a fog of mar-gee-juanna, ok Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaaaaa! Del Torro is hulking in a gigantic submarine or two!!

Best Documentary Short Subject- and the winner is............ Heaven is a Traffic Jam--- Yay!!!!! So Happy!!! This was my pick too!


Best Live Action Live Short- The Silent Child ... This is and was my pick, it's brutally beautiful! 

 Performance for best Andra Day and Common- Great performance, touching and again heartfelt

 Best adaptive Screenplay: "Call Be By Your Name"

 Best Screenplay---  "Get Out" YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!! That movie was nerve-wracking!

Beautiful speech by Wes Studi and cinematic tribute-


Best Cinematography- Winner is Roger Deakins\

another song nominee _ "This is me"  from the "The Greatest Showman" 


"The Shape of Water"

 WON BEST SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Best Original Song- "CoCo"-won not a surprise !!

Ahh now is the crying time for those we have lost-

 oh, crying times are now...

 Great Vedder performance!

 Best Director- Oh my god my wish was granted!!! G.D.T. !!! This is a hallmark for all futrue films!!!!

 Let me calm my damn self, I am doing an extreme happy dance for mi Gordo Del T!!! 

Best Actor --- and Gary Oldman gets the Oscar finally!! He is a marvelous actor and should have won a million times before!  He is an Icon, an actor worthy of all awards!

Best Actress goes to............................ Francis McDormand

Best Picture-------- Pues claro que si Senor GTD!!!!!!





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