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INFINITY WAR Release Date Moved Up!

Afternoon, geeks. Some exciting news!


There was an exchange between Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios at 2pm today on Twitter that was staged as heck, but who cares? The date for INFINITY WAR has been moved up to April 27th!


Why would they move it up, assuming that this exchange was staged? Disney probably didn’t want INFINITY WAR money getting lost to SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, since the two are so close in release dates.

Marvel has done a fantastic job of building up to this movie. The universe building via the prior movies have been like puzzle pieces that fit very neatly together, diligently coagulating the Marvel epic. The last several Marvel movies came into existence to explain a weakened universe to set the stage for INFINITY WAR.

Things have been great thus far, please Marvel, don’t become D.C. (Disappointing Cinema).

~Big Eyes


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