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The REBOOT Reboot Trailer


Back in 1994, a Canadian computer animated show called REBOOT came out on ABC and YTV, that was way ahead of its time. It was a show about guardians and sprites inside of your computer that would take on the roles of NPCs in the video games (often parodies of real ones) The User would put in and play. Their goal was to defeat The User, because if they user won, it would destroy a part of their city called Mainframe. Obviously, it was written by people who didn’t understand computers very well, and the first season was kind of cheesy, but by the time season 2 rolled around, things started to get serious, and the story compelling. One of the main villains was a virus called Megabyte, voiced by the late Tony Jay. As time went on, the story got better, and so did the CG. As long as it took to get it, the ending was great.

Now, we have a trailer for the reboot of REBOOT, and I’m kind of pissed because it looks like hot garbage. It’s like a combination of Code Lyoko (which I never liked) and Tron. There’s no Dot Matrix, no Enzo, no BOB. There’s Megabyte, which by today’s standard they probably should have updated to Tetrabyte or something to sound more menacing.




This is clearly not aimed at adults, but you would think they would bring something like this back for the kids and their parents (who were once fans) to enjoy together. This comes out on Netflix March 30th...Maybe it'll be good by surprise, but I highly doubt it.


Here’s a clip of the original show, it was impossible for me to find any clips on youtube with good quality/content of the show without being spoiler-y.



~Big Eyes


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