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New PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING trailer features the Gipsy Avenger and Boyega, Eastwood!

Evening folks, Precious Roy with one last trailer to look at before I turn in: the new PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING trailer. I'm breaking my ban on watching these trailers tonight to pass on a little reaction, which isn't a huge sacrifice... but I decided months ago I was already on board with what DeKnight was doing here, so I chose to stop watching the trailer and potentially spoiling the surprise. Although I wanted no spoilers, I'm hugely thrilled to be seeing the new footage again after a few months off.
This latest trailer features a look at some of the moves of the Gipsy Avenger, as well as our first hints about how John Boyega's character ties into the original (he's the son of Idris Elba's Stacker Pentecost), and his partner, Nate Lambert (played by Scott Eastwood). The little I've seen of the so far feels natural and fun. Also interesting is the revelation that there are Jaeger vs. Jaeger fights in this film, and that there appear to be humans working to let kaiju back through the rift!
PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING arrives in March!
Precious Roy
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