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Michael Fassbender to star in KUNG FURY THE MOVIE! Hell to the Yes!

Hey Everybody Freddy Beans here;

Michael Fassbender is set to star in the sequel to “Kung Fury” aptly enough named “Kung Fury: The movie.”  I can’t believe that’s true as I’m writing it.  The sequel to a treasured geeky find I came across a  few years back is going to star an Oscar nominated actor, it’s almost unbelievable.


The sequel is written, directed and co-produced this time by David Sandberg again, all while starring as the hero Kung Fury himself.  David Hasslehoff will also star in the sequel.  Again this is a full length film and will start filming this Summer.
When I first watched the original short film I felt like a pinball, the movie bouncing off all my giggle spots nonstop until I was ‘tilting’ over in laughter.  There’s too much cheese to relate in this spot, not bad for such a short film but if Dinosaur cops, Lamborghini’s, Don Johnson Miami Vice jackets with brightly colored under shirt, time travel, live arcade games, bad dubbing, David Hasslehoff, Thor, and David Hasslehoff singing don’t interest you.  Then we will have to agree to disagree.   Ahem, Nazi sympathizer.

After that first viewing I have enjoyed watching it so many times I have lost count.  I have also forced it on family and friends and to this day will randomly recommend it when I think someone needs it in their boring life.  If for some reason you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself and I a favor and take 30 minutes out of your night and watch it now.


Michael ‘Fucking’ Fassbender?!?!?!

I want him to be in a mowhawk with white T and leather jacket, maybe a safety pin in his cheek for good measure and driving a black T top firebird of course.

Til next time Kids

Freddy Beans

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