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Hercules Has Seen The Season Finale Of STAR TREK DISCOVERY!!

I am – Hercules!!

Star Trek Discovery 1.15 FAQ

What’s it called?
“Will You Take My Hand?”

Who’s responsible?
Teleplay is credited to showrunners and “Pepper Dennis” masterminds Gretchen Berg & Aaron Harberts.

What says CBS All Access?
“Season one finale. With Georgiou at the helm of the plan to end the Klingon war once and for all, the U.S.S. Discovery crew struggles to fathom and tolerate her hostile tactics. Memories of past hardships are rekindled within Burnham.”

How does it start?
“On the eve of battle, on a cold and windless night, an old general turned to a young solider. ‘Tomorrow,’ said the master, ‘you will know fear.’”

So does anyone on the bridge crew believe Emperor Georgio is the miraculously rediscovered Captain Georgio? Did they all forget they were just in a mirror universe repainting the ship and replicating new mirror-universe uniforms and pretending Cadet Tilly captained the Discovery?
Cadet Sylvia Tilly is, shockingly, completely fooled. She’s not bridge crew, of course, but she should know better methinks.

Can’t The Discovery just jump back in time and prevent the Klingon victory?
You tell me.

What’s doing with Emperor Georgio?
She’s charged with Klingon defeat.

What’s doing with Stamets?
He initiates a spore jump.

What’s doing with L’Rell & Voq?
I guess L’Rell didn’t know she was in a mirror universe; she seems utterly baffled when confronted with a resurrected “Captain” Georgio. Because he possesses the memory of a Klingon, Starfleet considers Ash of use.

Jason Isaacs was, oddly, in the credits last week. Is he in tonight’s episode?
Jason Isaacs’ name is again in the opening credits tonight but no Lorca appears in tonight’s installment.

Does this show still suck?
Yes. This new Star Trek show is horrible. I’m rooting for you, “Discovery,” but I’m fairly certain you will need to ditch “Pepper Dennis” creators Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (“Batman & Robin,” “The Dark Tower”) before you can swing this thing into good. (Look how much better Picard and “The Next Generation” got after Michael Piller took over as showrunner and hired Ira Steven Behr and Ronald D. Moore!)

The big news?
It turns out that, 10 years before Kirk commanded the Enterprise, many species made their home on the mysterious (mysterious to Starfleet anyway) Klingon homeworld Qo'noS.

What else is CBSAA not telling us?
Clint Howard, 58, who in 1966 played Real Balok in the first regular episode of “Star Trek” ever shot, turns up to offer something other than Tranya (I think) to a Starfleet officer. (Fun fact: Clint Howard is uncle to “Jurassic World” star Bryce Dallas Howard!) (Fun fact 2: Clint Howard is also in the cast of “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” directed by his brother Ronald.)

What’s good?
The final shot of the first season.

What’s not so good?
I’d love to get into the specifics, but I have to avoid spoilers for now. Know however that tonight brings one of the stupidest episodes of the season, which is saying something. If you were hoping the this final episode would help explain all the idiocy that attended the first 14 episodes, you are out of luck.

How does it end, spoiler boy?
A gigantic man-made object glides into view.

8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. Sunday. CBSAA.

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