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Eli Roth's DEATH WISH is packing a new trailer & poster!

Hello Everybody Freddy Beans here;
            I watched the original “Death Wish” just a few weeks back to prepare for this impending remake.  The original starred “Charles Bronson” as the main character returning home from work to find his wife is murdered and teenage daughter raped.  What’s a man to do when his family’s sense of security is taken viciously from them?  Kick the shit out of everything in your way, appears to be the proper answer.  When you watch it, you feel his characters sense of despair as he runs out of known options.  He speaks to the police, they’re worthless, his management, locals, none of them can satisfy his thirst for what’s right.  What’s right comes in the form of vigilante justice, adding more questions to that growing conundrum of what is truly right and wrong.
            Typically I’m uninterested in remakes while not against them.  I just find they fare below the original as a standard.  This story feels ready for an update here in 2018 and I like the choice of “Bruce Willis” as the new “Charles Bronson.”
            The biggest surprise watching the trailer for me was seeing “Eli Roth’s” name attached as director.  He’s known for his horror movies “Cabin Fever,” “Hostel,” Hostel II,” and “Green Inferno,” all good horror movies in their own right.  I believe this is the first non-horror movie he’s directed, so hopefully he opens up another realm to his movie making here.
  The trailer itself doesn’t stand out for me, it’s pretty boiler plate, yet manages to still come across as an entertaining time in the trailer.  I think this could be a perfect fit for “Bruce Willis” as an actor, he’s basically just going to be a vengeance seeking good guy, with catchy lines as he takes out his victims.
I’m also taken aback that the trailer lacks a punch, coming from Eli I find it hard to believe this flick doesn’t dip into some darker or bloodier at minimum territory as it picks up pace.  Let’s hope it does, otherwise I’m not sure what the point of remaking this thing is!
What do you all think?

Tile next time Kids
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