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ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL Teaser!! Otaku of the 80s and 90s Rejoice! NOW with FULL TRAILER!!!

UPDATED - with full trailer!

Big Eyes back

I just watched the full trailer that was just dropped, oh man! They’re trying to make this thing as faithful as possible, they even enlarged Rosa Salazar’s eyes to make her look more like the character in the anime and manga, I don’t believe it! So that brain eating junkie I was talking about earlier in the post, that’s him with the mohawk and the chains. Since the Disney and Fox deals have gone through, I hope that the Mouse doesn’t shit all over what Fox has done, but because this looks fantastic as it is.
I predict a revolution of 90s anime live adaptation movies on the rise, heck it already is. What’s next?! An American live-action adaptation of “IRIA”? Even “AKIRA”? Maybe they’ll even go as far as picking up “Galaxy Express 999”!




Geeks! Another anime/manga adaptation into a LIVE-ACTION AMERICAN movie! First, we sorta had “Evangelion” told in “Pacific Rim”, then we had an adaptation of “Ghost in the Shell” earlier this year. (Can’t judge the latter because I never got around to it, heard it was a stinker, but I think I’ll get to watching it today.) These movies came from an epic era in anime films that were often cyberpunk, and this trend pushes forward with “ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL”!!! Adapted from the manga/anime “Battle Angel: Alita”

Holy shitballs, you guys! I remember as a kid holding the VHS of the anime movie “Battle Angel: Alita” in my hands, only to have my friend who was like an older sister tell me that I was too young for it. Rightfully so, by 90s standards, “Battle Angel: Alita” was gory and brutal a heck! Years later I got a hold of the manga where I read about a cyborg girl named Alita that was found in a scrap heap by a scientist named Ido. He gave her new prosthetic body, and she fought another cyborg who was a junkie...FOR BRAINS. It’s been over a decade since I read, but I believe he was after the dopamine or DMT in them. The art is stunning, in both the manga and the anime. “Battle Angel: Alita” is from a time of anime where they still used realistic dark shadows, and didn’t try to feed into modern otaku culture and make everything cute or “waifu” material, where the women were strong badasses and would take down the enemy while covered in blood!

The 80s and 90s were an epic era of anime films, but before the hyper connectedness of the internet we have today, it was very difficult to find a community with those who even knew what these films were. Sci-Fi played some of these movies at Midnight on Fridays, so obviously the people were out there! They grew up, and they’re making these movies real!

Hopefully director Robert Rodriguez will do ALITA justice!! According to IMDB there’s a full cast  already,  including Rosa Salazar (“Maze Runner”)  as Alita and Christoph Waltz (“Django”, “Inglourious Basterds”) as Dr. Ido.

I don’t know what in the heck the teaser means by “Her journey begins tomorrow” when all of the sources I check say that the movie is set to release July 20th, 2018. Perhaps we’ll get a full trailer by then, and you can bet I will be ALL OVER IT. My inner child-weeb is starting to reawaken and I could not be more excited!

~Big Eyes


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