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Avengers 4 news!! Precious Roy

Hola Dannie aqui!

Got some news today from my favorite old sock spy puppet Precious Roy! Marvel fans get ready for this...

Precious Roy rising from my puppet dreams!

Interesting news out earlier… the fourth Avengers film has just cast Ty Simpkins to reprise his character Harley Keener (“Iron Man 3”) again.

Outside of Harley, Simpkins is also known for playing Dalton in the ‘Insidious’ films, as well as Gray in “Jurassic World”. His ‘Oh my God Oh my God!’ reaction to finding out the invader in his workshop was actually the Iron Man was one of my favorite moments in “Iron Man 3”.

Keener and Tony had some great banter in that film. He definitely felt like a one-off character at the time, and that his story was resolved. But then again, so did the little kid in the Iron Man mask in “Iron Man 2”, and I understand that character’s gone on to his own multi-picture deal, now. It’s cool to see these minor threads becoming serious continuity in the future of the MCU. is running with the theory that Simpkins is playing Iron Lad. While they’re not sure if that idea makes much sense given that Iron Lad is actually young Kang/older Nate Richards, it does make sense if they are disconnecting the character from Nate Richards, who would be under the Fantastic Four license (and in 20th Century Fox’s hands at the moment).

I really hope they’re right about this. It’s an open secret that we’re going to lose one of the founding Avengers in “Avengers: Infinity War”, and while that was originally rumored to be Captain America based on some of Chris Evans’ comments, the spy-talk lately all points to Iron Man dying, instead and Cap showing up in Avengers 4. Downey’s departure/Tony Stark’s death will leave a big hole in the team, even if Tom Holland’s Spider-Man becomes a permanent replacement.

On the other hand, introducing an MCU-canonical character might just be a good way to keep Iron Man in future MCU films without Downey’s presence. It’ll be sad to see Downey leave the franchise, given that he was so key to the MCU’s success and how great he has been in that role, and as a part of the creative force assembling the MCU.

(Marvel, if you’re listening, chalking the “M.J.” reference to a joke and making Zendaya’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming” character Riri Williams would also be a pretty cool turn of events.)

Later "Suckas!"

Precious Roy

Interesting write up Precious Roy, you got my brain a wondering what the hell, and where the hell they are going to take this, Iron Lad will be interesting if this is "iron cLad" hahahahaa! Sorry I kid. 

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!

Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa

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