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The new JUSTICE LEAGUE poster is unfurled!

Hola Dannie aqui!

The new JUSTICE LEAGUE poster was unfurled to us today! Mad Dashiell is here with his colorful and fanatical reaction!

Hello All, Mad Dashiell HERE! The new JUSTICE LEAGUE poster is here! Pull up a chair, an action figure, a mask, a cape, or what ever your thing is and lets talk. 

So the progression of the poster art we are seeing appears to be getting brighter, hopeful in some ways one might say. This is a world with no Superman in the marketing campaign. True fans of the MAN OF STEEL know full well he will be back. The marketing behind DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE is doing everything they can to make audiences think Kal-El will not be in this film except by flashbacks alone. There is however a subtle maybe not so subtle clue in the bottom where Superman's S symbol is plainly noticeable in the word save. 

 BATMAN V SUPERMAN hinted in the end of the film that Superman will be back. Still, to some it feels like maybe a super slim chance whether or not the amazing man from the planet Krypton will be ALL IN. The somber sky in the back horizon seems to carry on the mood of a world in mourning. The last JUSTICE LEAGUE poster shows the assembling superheros crowding around Batman. Obviously because he is assembling the team of mighty heroes. In the poster released today moody skies aside, we see the Super Friends cast in a brighter, colorful balance of power set in a perfect pentangle. We know a darkness is coming to wage war on a world with no Superman. Audiences have warmed up to Diana Prince and they proved that by box-office numbers alone. Other DC heroes like Cyborg and Flash are going to have to hit the ground running if they are to win viewers over in their timely introduction. Fans of THE FLASH series will be wishing they used the same actor no doubt, myself included. Aquaman I think captures the campyness of the SUPER FRIENDS from what they have let on in the trailers. But he seems to be having fun flying through the air so I'm not gonna bother him, but I hope that if they continue to go there they will balance the silly cool of the SUPER FRIENDS show with these immortal classic DC superheros we are seeing brought to the big screen. That said, could you imagine if they had gotten a handful of the greatest artists working for DC to work on the design for the JL posters? I guess they are trying to carry a different image for the heroes of the live-action DC universe but it seems like a waste of talent.  

Thank you for joining me, enjoy the new poster, take care, see you at the movies or in the chat feeds, Mad Dashiell signing off.


Dannie back!

I really like the new poster and am happy to see them embracing almost a technicolor hyper realism but with that airbrushed softness, that we have come to know so well now days. And Mad Dashiell is 100% correct, DC what are you doing!?! Give your kick ass artists some poster gigs directed toward this film! You know they would sell, and you know your guys have the talent! Thanks for the write up Mad Dash!


Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!

Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa


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