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Terminator 3 Has A Release Date!

Hola Dannie Here! Dark Horizons broke some AWESOME news!! I am very VERY excited about this new Terminator Project as.... Sarah Conner has been one of my Role Models and heroines since December of 1984. I love that they are bringing her back as she was (in my opinion) the BADASS of the first two films, so this is a dream come true.  Now you may say just because Linda Hamilton is coming back does not guarantee a Great Terminator Film, well this will should give you hope,  Tim Miller is to direct! Yes Tim Miller the Director of the box office smash Deadpool! So yes VIOLENCE!!! So excited, loving so far hearing that they are going to pretend Terminator 3-5 never existed.... Thank all the Movie Gods and Godesses!


                                                                 Geeking Out Beyond All Imagination!

I can not wait James Cameron!!! Linda Hamilton!! Tim Miller!!!! July 26th,2019 is the release date and I am literally counting the seconds. Please be as good as I want you to be!


Ok signing out with an overjoyed geeked heart

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!