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Two 60 Second spots for HOBBIT: DESOLATION OF SMAUG hit... Looking good!

Hey folks, Harry here with two new spots for the next installation of THE HOBBIT!!!  I have it on good authority that how this wraps up in the final film...  will blow people away, but I wasn't told specifics... dagnabbit...   But this second part seems to be my favorite parts of the original Tolkien novel...  I mean, Beorn, Mirkwood, Lonely Mountain, Smaug...  and whatever Gandalf is up to!  I reread THE HOBBIT again earlier this year - so there's stuff that I look at in these spots and I'm not at all sure what it means, but I can't wait to discover it.  The close up of Beorn at the door is just too cool!  Love the scale, that shot from the trailer the other day, I couldn't quite tell his scale in relation to the party, but at the door...  YIKES!  This can't get here soon enough!


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