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This Trailer For UPSIDE DOWN Is Weird And Pretty...


I don't know what to make of this one.  I love Jim Sturgess' performances across the board (ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, too!), so I'm totally open to (and interested in) this.  

But it's all upside down and shit.  I dunno...feels like J.J. Abrams spinning a gag we might see on a 25 minute Nick Jr kid's show.  That's an illustration, by the way.  Abrams has nothing to do with this.  That I know of, at least. Although he actually might for all I know, as he seems to have his paws on just about everything these days.  

Looks like this'll come our way March 15, but IMDB says it's already been released in Kazakhstan, which has nothing to do with anything other than being a little odd and a tad humiliating.  

Trailer via Yahoo.  


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