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THE LAST STAND Screening At Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter with Arnold is full... but...

Hey folks, Harry here...   well the invites to THE LAST STAND screening have been sent out to the winners - but there were ALOT of folks that so deserved to come - but there just aren't enough seats.   NOW - here's the thing though.  I didn't grossly over fill this screening, because I don't believe we'll have much drop-off...  but then you never know.   I can tell how gung ho you folks are for this screening.  There will be a standby line for this screening, because I don't want any empty seats when there are so many of you that wish you were there.   The screening is at the Alamo Drafthouse at their Slaughter Lane location.   Screening is at 7:30pm, but if you know anything about Standby - it rewards the insane - so get there very early.   Talk about all the Arnold films with your fellow fans - and even if you don't get in - there's a chance to spy Arnold in person!  Austin Geeks - this is a pretty momentous occassion  - so cool to be bringing Arnold to town and to an Alamo!   

NOW - Want to see some of the winners?   SURE YOU DO!

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