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Christoph Waltz Out, Ty Burrell In For THE MUPPETS 2!!

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I've got nothing against Ty Burrell at all. I haven't seen a single episode of MODERN FAMILY, so, at the height of his popularity, I couldn't really tell you what he brings to the table being cast as one of the human stars of THE MUPPETS 2. But anyone would have to admit that landing on Burrell from Christoph Waltz, who had been up for that same role but ultimately had scheduling conflicts torpedo the whole thing, feels like a bit of a downgrade.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Burrell has inked a deal to play an Interpol inspector in the Europe-based sequel, which will once again be directed by James Bobin. Nicholas Stoller, who co-wrote the first film, also penned the script for the follow-up, alongside Bobin, so at least we know THE MUPPETS 2 is in capable hands once more. Please let Bret McKenzie come back for the musical portion again, too, while we're at it.

The first MUPPETS film really felt like a return to form for these characters we've loved for quite some time, but had been so misused over the years. Hopefully, they can keep that momentum going. Christoph Waltz would have been nice... but Ty Burrell will have to do.


-Billy Donnelly

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