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Nicolas Cage gets wrapped up in JIU JITSU

Freddy Beans, with news today on JIU JITSU wrapping up Nicolas Cage.

Dimitri Logothetis is directing JIU JITSU based on the comic of the same name he wrote with Jim McGrath.  Alain Moussi (KICKBOXER: RETALIATION) has already been signed on to star as Jake Barnes.  We find out today that Nicolas Cage will play a leading role in JIU JITSU, also.

The plot:  Every six years an ancient group of expert Jiu Jitsu fighters must beat the brakes off of some E.T.’s for the rights to Earth.  Earth's champion, Jake (Moussi) refuses to fight Brax, the leader of the aliens.  Jake ends up injured and must fight himself to find his “eye of the tiger.”  Hard to do when you are afflicted with amnesia.  Thankfully, a military squad led by Wylie (Cage) help him find his inner self and he gets that battle with Brax.

I am so inspired by Nic’s choices lately.  Sure, some reek of desperation.  Some are MANDY though!!!

What’s your favorite Nic Cage movie?
I loved MANDY of course, but RAISING ARIZONA, KISS OF DEATH, LEAVING LAS VEGAS, and 8MM are my favorites. 

When is this guy going to sneak into a Quentin Tarantino movie???

You can find the Jiu Jitsu comic here.

Are there any MMA fans out there?  Who’s your favorite Jiu Jitsu practitioner out now?
Obviously, Royce Gracie had our hearts for a couple decades.  Nowadays, you need to mix wrestling with your Jiu Jitsu to really stand a chance.   I still like the old guy, Demian Maia myself.

Til next time Kids

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