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ekm Has Seen the New SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Trailer, and His Spider-Sense is Tingling!



So here we are, with our first glimpse at the main storyline for Sony and Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME; and it looks…pretty good?


I’m a sucker for HOMECOMING, which I found to be a completely fresh and yet perfectly valid reinterpretation of the character.  FAR FROM HOME seems determined to continue along the lines of its predecessor.  That famous Peter Parker angst is raising its ugly, loveable head, but it looks like John Watts is still having fun with the wonderful goofiness of the Spidey concept.


If there’s anything that sets off my Spider-Sense, it’s how this is going to play after ENDGAME.  The idea of a world five years in the future where the Spideyverse appears completely unchanged, and where his entire stable of characters remains intact, feels like a cheat.  This is less a problem with the film itself than the baggage it’s forced to carry.


Quentin Beck seems to be getting a massive character overhaul; I was hoping (and I’m still hoping) that these Jolt Cola versions of Hydro Man and Molten Man are illusions he’s created in order to bring down for an adoring public.  It’s a pretty novel way to build yourself a rep.  At the same time, his association with S.H.I.E.L.D., along with references to other dimensions and timelines, kinda makes my stomach hurt.


But wait…!  Sony and Disney are about to run into a situation where it’s time to renegotiate terms.  Spidey’s been lent out to play in the MCU, and all the while, Sony has been steadily building its own live-action (and very shitty) Spiderverse.  Is Mysterio’s universe-hopping introduction really just paving the way for the Spider-Man to have a second Homecoming back with the rights holders?  In other words: no more Avengers, and a lot more Venom? Speculate below!


 I’m still a bit wary of losing the NYC vibe, which is where Spidey works best, but hey:  HOMECOMING forces me to give this the benefit of the doubt.


 Beware of heavy ENDGAME spoilers.  Tom Holland warns you right up front, but I’ll give you the heads up just in case you ignore the kid yakking at the beginning.






Erik Kristopher Myers (aka ekm)

Pretentious Filmmaker


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