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Stan Lee & Marvel turn in a Sizzle Reel with Shang Chi, Eternals and a 4!

Hey folks, Harry here... Marvel has hit us with a new sizzle reel that does, what they should always do, which is using the voice of STAN LEE.  My first 4 viewings were on my phone - and really focusing on the new footage at the end of the reel.  However, when I got to my desktop computer and played it...  The volume and resonance of STAN LEE just melted my heart.   Here's the reel:


Now - the new stuff. The BLACK WIDOW is slick solid footage. SHANG-CHI still looks a tad too much like a late 90's Weinstein Martial Arts film and not nearly worthy of the name of SHANG-CHI yet. This shouldn't be RUSH HOUR, but I'm sure the trailer people only used those spots for cutting the initial footage. Still greatly looking forward to the film

ETERNALS footage.  Just the most brief of footage but I don't need to see The Eternals in T-shirts and Sunsets.  I want KIRBY - and you and I both know that is gonna be in this film.  I love NOMADLAND.  Fantastic film that absolutely deserved its BEST PICTURE win. I can even make thematic leaps from it to ETERNALS.  That trauma drives one from themselves and the familiar to become forgotten even to themselves.  BUUUUUUUUUT...  I want so much more.  And I know what this is.  The aggravation is that you know this movie is finished...  on a HARD DRIVE or twenty...  and pretty much the 3 MARVEL films with footage here...  WE WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE ALREADY SEEN THIS STUFF - and they're giving us a little wooden tiny taste and I want all 3 GALLONS NOW!

Breathe... Breathe...  Ohmmmmm......  Ohhhhmmmmm.....   

OK - Then they hit us with Titles and Dates and that's all happy.   But the 4.  The 4.  My brain just plays it over and over and over.   Man. 4th time's the charm?  MCU's FANTASTIC FOUR movie is a desperate craving.  Life long.  I've survived HERBIE replacing the Human Torch.  I remember when Roger Corman's film...  well...  is still my fave version - and it really needs to be so much better.   The FOX films...  I have to try Yoga positions that don't exist to find angles to like them and some days I absolutely do, but it's always knowing...   THIS IS NOWHERE NEAR GOOD ENOUGH.  

Sorry...  the damn 4 distracted me.  And the way it came up could just be a PHASE 4 announcement... but I'm hoping against hope that this means the FANTASTIC FOUR will become a part of all PHASE 4 Films that are just titles at this point.   

Keep it cool,


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