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Matt Reeves gives us a peak at THE BATMAN movie

Hey folks, Harry here...  Matt Reeves showed up at FANDOME and answered questions far more extensively than he had to, but I'm glad he did.  Not only did we learn it is a detective suspense film set in the 2nd year of Batman's existence in Gotham.   It involves a series of murders that will reveal more about the corrupt multigenerational nightmare that is the foundation of the future great city?  Once great city?  Who's to say.   The film was shot (25% so far) in Liverpool, England with CG extensions and we'll see.   All the villain characters we visit in this second season of the Bat - are again in their early days.  Andy Serkis is Alfred.  John Turturro is Falcone. He said he's inspired by films like CHINATOWN, FRENCH CONNECTION, SEVEN - those types of films.  These are all good things to say, just so long as THE BATMAN kicks ass.  Reeves also told us that THE BATMAN series he's doing on HBO MAX is essentially a YEAR ONE story with Robert.  Again, I like.   But I really do want BATMAN in his stride stories.   

Here's the teaser


Now, I liked that.  Alot.  They've only got 25% of the movie in the can, and we know the plan is to shot the rest on studio stages.  And we'll see how that goes.   I'm liking this.  I still want a Blue/Grey BATMAN of the Neal Adams era.  But just watching Cedric Diggery whup that guy's face into a meteor crater...  I've got so much happy for this.   Also Colin Farrell's Penguin is so...  not him. Wild.  Can't wait!

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