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Masked Man asks: Harley Quinn Role Model or Sociopath?

Hey Party People, Masked Man here with some more comicbook video fun (yeah that's all it is).

One of the biggest names in comicbooks these days is Harley Quinn. And why not? She's pretty awesome. Warner Bros is even kicking off a Harley Quinn trilogy with Birds of Prey (I bet you thought Oracle/Batgirl was the star of Birds of Prey). But when I see people talking about her as a role model, or an icon of Girl -or Grrr Power. I gotta say, what are you nutz!? She's an anti-social sociopath, who will murder you for a giggle! And you want to name your kids after her!?

So if ya got nothing else to do today. Join me as I talk about Harley's history and examine what it is that makes her great- and why she is a terrible role model. Sounds like fun right?

Catch ya on the flipper,

Tom (aka Masked Man) Fremgen

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