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Masked Man Picks His Top 5 Halloween Monsters!

Ok, Halloween is just few weeks away, so I thought I'd spice things up (or dumb them down, depending on your perspective) with a list of top 5 monsters for kids! While I'm no where near the horror fan AmbushBug was, I do enjoy a good creature feature. Whether it's Universal Classic Monster (seriously, why are the new movies so bad!?), a giant radioactive bug, or a kaiji from Japan (the American ones might have better effects, but the films are still sorely lacking). Any story that has people standing around going, “What the hell is going on here” and boom, a monster pops out- I love it. So here is a list to help introduce the concept of monsters to kids, without dealing with any nightmares!  So remember, we are having fun here.

Masked Man


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