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Advice to the Russo Brothers on how to Fix Avengers: Endgame


Hey gang,

Masked Man here. As I now assume you've all seen Avengers : Endgame, it's time to have a serious talk about it's drinking prob- er time problem. Simply put, when a movie says it's bull$h!t to do something- they just can't go ahead and do it, right? Right!? Thankfully, I, in my genius, have created the solution. And, of course, I think it's better than whatever they come up with in all their Disney+ shows (which are clearly meant to address some of the problems). So check it out, tell me what ya think, and let me know what you think is a better solution. Because no matter how much we love and enjoy a movie, this is what we nerds do!


Tom Fremgen

aka Masked Man

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