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Masked Man Says Sign The Petition to Get DC Style Guide Published


Hey party people, Maked Man here. Back in the early 80's DC Comics hired artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez to update their Style Guide. This Style Guide was mostly used by companies when licensing the DC heroes for various products. This includes Kenner's iconic SuperPowers toy line and Hanna-Barbares final season of the Superfriends, renamed, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians. Since then Garcia-Lopez' drawings have become the icon version of the DCU.


Unfortunately, for us comicbook fans, Garcia-Lopez is so good, DC continues keep him busy creating artwork for licensors (though Jim Lee joining DC has started to get a lot of that work too). I say “unfortunately,” because it means he is always too busy to work on a regular book! Aside from a few projects, his only real run was the first 12 issues of Atari Force (remember that!?).


So Garcia-Lopez's greatest body of work is the DC Style Guide. And now a fan, Mike F, wants DC to release the guide to us! He has set-up a petition at, aimed at DC to get them to publish the Style Guide so anyone can buy a copy of it (I got a check right here for ya DC). If this is something you'd like to own, I recommend signing on.

Masked Man

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