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Masked Man Talks Marvel’s Top Ten from the 1980’s!

Hey party people, Masked Man here. You all seemed to enjoy my DC Comics Top Ten from the 1980's, ( so here's the Marvel Comics list! It's kinda funny, that when fans talk about the 1980's, it's all about DC- but at the time Marvel was the king of comics (basically still are). While DC was racking up critical success, Marvel was racking up sales! In part thanks to 'Big' Jim Shooter, a man who knows what comicbook fans want to read. Becoming a writer in his teens, he became the grand popbah of Marvel at just 27 years old. He held the job for nearly ten years, before his overbearing style burned too many bridges- not to mention the failure of his New Universe idea, prehapes comics biggest blunder. But big Jim aside, Marvel had the top heroes and the top talent for most of the decade: Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Frank Miller, Jim Starlin, Walter Simonson, etc. And while DC does get all the credit for innovating the industry in the 80's, Marvel kinda did it all first: a character guides, graphic novels, event cross overs, and even superheroes that fail at being superheroes (before the WATCHMEN).   So there is a lot to choose from, when picking the best stuff Marvel did in the 80's.  Now check it out and be sure to yell at me if I missed one! I mean, what the h3ll else is the Talkbacks for!?



Tom "Masked Man" Fremgen
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