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Check Out an AICN Exclusive Clip Featuring Chloë Sevigny From LOVE IS BLIND!

Uncork’d Entertainment is releasing the offbeat drama LOVE IS BLIND in theaters, on digital, and On Demand this Friday 11/8. 
Check out this super quirky synopsis:


A funny and irresistible story of a young girl who literally cannot see or hear her mother, even though she is living with her under the same roof. With the help of an eccentric psychiatrist, and a local, accidental hero, our heroine has to grow up, but falls in love and eventually takes hold of her future - despite not being able to see what's right in front of her.
If your interest hasn’t been piqued enough, AICN has an exclusive clip from the film below!
LOVE IS BLIND stars Shannon Tarbet ("Killing Eve"), Aiden Turner (THE HOBBIT franchise), Benjamin Walker ("Jessica Jones"), Matthew Broderick (WARGAMES), and Chloë Sevigny  ("American Horror Story").  The film is co-directed by Monty Whitebloom and Andy Delaney (“Polarbearman”) from a script by Jennifer Schuur (“Big Love"). Here's the official trailer:
Be on the lookout this Friday 11/8 for LOVE IS BLIND on a screen near you!
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