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Barbarella Goes For The LONG SHOT

Hey Fellow Geeks! Barbarella reporting in from the UK!  I’m taking time from my London exploration to let you know what I thought about Seth Rogen’s new film.  If you’re a fan of the frequently high actor, you will probably dig LONG SHOT since the politically-infused rom-com has everything one would expect from him.  Oh and it also has Charlize Theron, Bob Odenkirk, Andy Serkis, and Alexander Skarsgård.

Passionate writer Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) encounters the girl on whom he once crushed big time.  He recounts his past experience with the now Secretary of State, Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron), to his buddy, Lance (O’Shea Jackson Jr).  We all need a buddy like this who believes in Fred and thinks the guy has a shot at making all of his dreams come true.  Much of the dialogue between the two offers both character insight and humor.

Considering a run for president, Charlotte decides a writer like him, who knows her, could help her improve her favorability ratings.  Lance thinks he has a shot at more, but Fred doubts a woman like her would give a guy like him a shot.  Not to stir the pot, but movies like this give guys unrealistic expectations when it comes to dating.  

 While love should be based on what’s on the inside, if you live in this world long enough, that doesn’t seem to be the way it actually works.  How many great, single women are there that guys wouldn’t even consider dating because the ladies aren’t considered hot enough.  Women historically seem far more willing to forego physical looks for a less attractive man who is funny and treats her well, but that’s  been changing somewhat over the past decade.  However, it seems all men, regardless of how they look or act, seem to think they deserve a ten.  Hey if Seth Rogen can get Charlize Theron to fall in love with him, then why not?  But she didn’t.  It’s a movie.  If you like, we can discuss other implausible events that occur in the film, but I wouldn’t want to post a lot of spoilers here.    

I just want to make another point before I leave the topic of attractiveness. I’m a firm believer that people could make themselves more attractive by being kind, positive, and fun. If you want to see a highly attractive person morph into someone you’d want to avoid, LONG SHOT demonstrates that too.  Alexander Skarsgård actually makes himself horribly unattractive as Canadian Prime Minister James Steward.  It requires no makeup or prosthetics, just acting.  Everything about the way he presents himself is off-putting.  He actually makes me cringe a little.  So, maybe if you’re having trouble winning the love of someone you desire, start looking at yourself and see if there’s anything you can improve.  If Alexander Skarsgård can make himself unattractive by speaking and behaving a certain way, anyone could make himself more attractive by behaving in a better way. That’s enough of that!  Whew, jet lag has got me babbling.  

The film also stars Bob Odenkirk as the current president and Andy Serkis as another creepy guy. 

While none of the political elements rival the entertainment value of HBO’s Veep with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale, they give enough chuckles and maybe even a hearty laugh or two.  

Dan Sterling, who also wrote THE INTERVIEW, utilizes much that we’ve learned from the current political climate.  The writing blends toilet humor with more nuanced observational humor, creating a film that provides a range of reactions including everything from eye-rolling to guffaws.  Some humor misses, but some hits pretty effectively.  

Overall, I had a good time watching the fantasy play out.  Now I’m off to enjoy more of London. 


Barbarella (Barbara Kennedy)  out! 

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