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Lana Wachowski to direct new MATRIX with Neo & Trinity back!

You ready for your blue pill?


Warner Brothers has announced that Lana Wachowski is writing & directing the 4th Live Action MATRIX film, 5th if you count the ANIMATRIX!   The film will star Keanu Reeves as NEO and Carrie Anne Moss as TRINITY.   No news about Morpheus or Agent Smith at this time.  I'm rooting for Tank.   We've been seeing rumors, like when the director of JOHN WICK 3 said Lana Wachowski was going to do this and said he'd drop everything to help her, then the very next day deny it all.  

Yet look, it is happening officially.


Lana will be working from a script by Aleksander Hemon and David Mitchell, that she'll be getting up to snuff.   Grant Hill is back as producer, with the producting beginning in early 2020.

Happy 20th Anniversary of THE MATRIX - we're all going back in!



Bert Bolger out.

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