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Stephen Chow Confirms a Sequel to KUNG FU HUSTLE

It has been over a decade since the original KUNG FU HUSTLE came out, which was actually released way back in 2004. I was just finishing up high school around that time, I saw it and I was in love, but of course, I already loved Chow’s previous work in SHAOLIN SOCCER. Both great movies to associate with that time in my life! KUNG FU HUSTLE takes the great action of a martial arts movie, and combines it with over the top cartooniness that makes it so fun. I won’t discount some of the very cool scenes in there as well, like the scene with the pair of harpists who killed WITH MUSIC!

According to Martial Arts Action Cinema, Stephen Chow confirmed that there will be a KUNG FU HUSTLE sequel is happening! Chow announced this during a recent promo interview for his movie THE NEW KING OF COMEDY.  He will direct and possibly have a cameo in the film before the sequel for the MERMAID sequel is completed. KUNG FU HUSTLE 2 will not be a direct sequel, but will follow in spirit and take place during a different time, modern day.


~Eva Snail aka Big Eyes

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