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Jerome Flynn Gave Up On Acting Before GAME OF THRONES. Ser Bronn Actor Had Already Started A Business

Ser Bronn Of The Blackwater, Knight without a castle, former sellsword, brigand, drunk, lover of ladies, and savior of both Jaime AND Tyrion Lannister... was almost a very different character. We don't know HOW different, but the actor who portrays the beloved GAME OF THRONES warrior, Jerome Flynn, had basically given up on acting and retired to run a summer cottage in Wales before he landed the role. He revealed his almost-didn't-do-this-series story in an interview with The Mirror (
While he said he hadn't completely quit, he hadn't been offered any roles that interested him , and had already purchased a farm cottage in Wales and begun renovating it with the intent of hiring it out as a vacation spot. Thankfully, he was offered the role of Bronn, and we have his awesome portrayal of the gritty mercenary. He's been a fixture of the show since he saved Tyrion's life in trial by combat at The Eyre in Season 1. Bronn is currently on his way to find the Lannister brothers... but this time, to undo the previous work of saving them... on behalf of their sister Cersei. I can't wait to see how that plays out for all involved, but I don't think it will end well for Bronn. That would be a shame, since he really does deserve his castle. 
Readers outside the UK may not be aware of another facet of Glynn's career, and that is as a pop singer! It's pretty hard to justify Flynn singing sugary pop tunes and love ballads against his portrayal of Bronn, but it's interesting to see him in such a different light. Here are a couple of videos of his pop group, ROBSON & JEROME, singing their brand of wholesome, easily-consumed Britpop.


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