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Jamie Kennedy Discusses LAST CALL!

Hey guys, Prometheus here! I recently had the chance to chat with Jamie Kennedy (Malibu’s Most Wanted, Old School) about his role in the upcoming film, LAST CALL! It stars Jeremy Piven, and Taryn Manning, along with a great supporting cast! Directed by Paolo Pilladi, LAST CALL is available now on VOD! Check out the trailer, and our awesome conversation below!





JS: Hey Jamie, how are you?

JK: Good, buddy. How are you?

JS: Good, man. What have you been up to all year?

JK: Aw, just getting my stuff digitized for my YouTube, fixing up my house, writing a script, and a new stand-up hour. Working out. Trying to be productive. 

JS: What’s the script about? Is it something you want to share?

JK: I have a couple of scripts. One is a romantic/dramedy mid-life crisis type of thing.  Kind of loosely based on things I’ve gone through. Another one is a horror movie. Look, you can write them, the big process is trying to execute them but, at least you have the basics down. 

JS: You’re in the upcoming film, LAST CALL, with Jeremy Piven and Taryn Manning. 

JK: Yes, it is. Also, Bruce Dern, and Zack McGowan, and Cathy Moriarty and Jason James Richter, it’s great!

JS: Awesome cast. What can you tell us about it?

JK: Basically, it’s about a guy that does really well in life and then he moves away and comes back. He realizes he can make a lot of money doing some stuff in his old town and he kind of has a mid-life crisis and he’s wondering what’s more important. Money or being true to your roots. That’s his journey. 

JS: So, what attracted you to the film? How did you get involved?

JK: I knew the producer and I knew the script really well. I just thought it would be a personal type of movie for me, and that I could have some fun with it. 

JS: So, it spoke to you a little bit?

JK: Yeah. It was a Philly story, in a localized Philly way, and I thought, this is a good story that will people enjoy.

JS: Now, it’s a comedy but it seems like it has a lot of heart, as well.

JK: It definitely does. It has a lot of heart. There are some laugh-out-loud moments, and there are some moments that are sad. That’s what good movies do. They make you think and make you laugh. 

JS: You play a character named Whitey. What’s he all about?

JK: Whitey is basically the guy who runs the town. He’s one of the heads of his friend group. He kind of encourages the main character to let loose and have some fun with his life. He’s a big part of the shenanigans if you will. 

JS: What was it like working with everyone? Jeremy Piven and Taryn Manning? 

JK: It was awesome! I just absolutely respect them so much. I’ve been a fan of Jeremy Piven’s since the beginning. I’ve always thought he’s a fantastic actor. Taryn, as well. She’s really a good actress who can play drama or play comedy. It’s great to work with artistic people. 

JS: All these people on set, there’s got to be some funny stories. Did anything happen while you were all hanging out?

JK: You know, honestly, when you’re doing a movie like this, you kind of shoot all day. Then you’re dead tired and kind of just pass out. People don’t realize when you do an indie movie, you knock it out and then sleep in your trailer. We had a good time. When we did the scenes, we had a lot of fun and improvised a lot, but when the cameras off we were all taking naps. 

JS: I can imagine. 

JK: It was a wonderful atmosphere on set, though.

JS: If you had to sell me the film in one sentence, what would it be?

JK: It’s a mix between The Brothers Mcmullenand Garden State. It has flavors of those movies in it. 

JS: One thing I’ve been wanting to ask you… You were in ScreamScream 2, and you had a cameo in Scream 3., even though you died in the second one. How do you feel about the new one coming out, Scream 5?

JK: It’s awesome! I love that Scream just keeps going and surviving and growing. I don’t know anything about it, but I can’t wait to watch it! 

JS: When you did Scream, did you think it was going to become a cult classic? 

JK: When we did it, we thought it could be. I knew it would make a mark. I didn’t know it would become a pop-culture phenomenon the way it did. Now it’s part of history. 

JS: Anything else you want to talk about, Jamie? 

JK: I have another film coming out in early April called Roe V Wade, with John Voight. That’s a historical drama, going to be very controversial. 

JS: We ever going to get a Malibu’s Most Wanted 2? Is B-Rad ever going to ride again?

JK: That might have been one of the things I’ve been working on during the pandemic, that’s all I’m saying… 

JS: Keep me posted on that, for sure! 

JK: I appreciate that, my friend!

JS: Absolutely. Always a pleasure, Jamie. Appreciate your time. 

JK: Thanks, brother! Talk to you soon! 

Be sure to check Jamie out in LAST CALL, available now on VOD from IFC Films! Until next time, keep on geekin’ on, my friends!

Joshua "Prometheus" Scafidi

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