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IT CHAPTER TWO trailer is here to flip you the frick out!


The new trailer for IT CHAPTER TWO hit today due to Comic Con.  Sadly we just got the trailer online, and not the scenes they showed.   Reportedly, they showed LOSER'S CLUB at the Chinese Restaurant - straight out of the book.   Bill still grieving over Georgie and going after a kid in a mirror Carnival sequence - which you'll see some of in the trailer below.  Lastly there was a scene not of the novel involving a refrigerator and something very Rob Bottin feeling.  


Here's the Trailer:


It isn't the book, the structure's different, but it absolutely gets the tone of the novel.   I love the surreal play with Pennywise, that tongue was Tex Avery in proportions.   The film releases September 6th.  


Bert Bolger out


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